Juergen and the Sheep

I’m Photographing With The Canon 7D

Oh no. I’ve seen that look before. The crazed eyes, the tightly-clenched jaw. The obliviousness to what I’m saying. The nervous, darting gaze. Once again, cool, rational Jürgen has vanished, replaced by some sort of deranged photo-taking beast. Since none of my arguments are going to penetrate his ears nor reach his little brain, I don’t even try and protest. Do whatever it is you have to do, however insane. Go get your damn picture.

And, hey, there you go scurrying up a mountain in search of a flock of sheep. I’ll just wait down here, and watch you thrash through the brush, occasionally falling over in your mad hurry to get the picture. Hope the bruises and sore muscles are worth it.

Wow, look at that. Congratulations. In your fury to take high-altitude pictures of sheep, you’ve scaled a cliff and trapped yourself. The rock beneath your feet is crumbling, and you’re in very real danger of falling forty feet to the ground. You’re looking at me for help, and I’m considering ignoring you. Who the hell told you to scale that cliff? It wasn’t me! It was that crazy voice in your stupid brain whispering “gotta get the picture”. Don’t cry for help, now!

Sheep are pretty elusive creatures and I’ve never seen Jürgen work so hard for pictures, nor risk so much; the cliff-climbing was a particularly dangerous idea. Maybe in the end, the pictures were worth the effort. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who had to take them.

The Trailing Of The Sheep

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  1. Lagene

    Beautiful images! I understand the need to traverse challenging terrain to get “the” pic. I’d say your climb was successful. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures through Idaho, my home state. It’s beautiful isn’t it? I wouldn’t be any other place in the world. Born and raised here, and don’t plan on moving away – EVER. Thank you for renewing my love for this state. It’s great to ‘see’ it through anothers eyes.

  2. Christopher

    Awwww! Look at those sheep and their furry little butts. The lighting was ridiculously cool, and these shots are spectacular. Don’t let Mike fool you… he’s proud of your death-defying photography skills. Really. 🙂

  3. Jean

    Love the photos.  Love the writing.  Thanks for inviting the rest of us along on your adventures!

  4. Angela

    I love the last few shots! Those are Maremma sheepdogs hard at work. I’ve had one as a pet for almost nine years and you’ll never meet a more perfect dog. 🙂

  5. Cathy

    He forgot the secret words: Ba Ram Ewe!
    The sheep streaming through the drainage is my favorite, but I love them all.  Again, excellent work by both of you.

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